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My name is Alain Deflesselles.
I was born in a city star-shaped Gravelines in northern France.
I developed my first photo in a laboratory in 1975 when I was in a summer camp.
My interest in photography came from my father. Child, I loved to attend sessions of the slideshow at home.
I began to take pictures and develop in 1984 with my father's camera.
In 1988 my mother bought me a reflex after my first degree at university.
I was fascinated by the communication of feelings that could transmit images.
I loved doing double exposure and document my classes birdlife, botany and geology.
2007, back from India with a dead device under a heavy rain, I decided to study more deeply photography.
And after a second trip to India, it was my first solo exhibition in February 2010 in Arras: "Colours of India": a coherent set of 40 images that transcribe my feelings towards India.
March 2010 began a 5-year stay in China, it was a cultural, linguistic shock and there were a lot of emotions to transcribe in images ...
2011: the work-shop of Christopher Loviny guide my photography to the construction of meaning in a picture or a story with multiple images. I turned to photojournalism.
If large devices with large optical photojournalists open the doors, they are heavy, noisy and not very discreet and they are changing the facial expressions before the ban to photograph. They suited not for reports and street photography.
The philosophy of Oskar Barnack had just made sense! Time for mirroless boxes and small optical had arrived!
Small Sony Alpha 7 provide a great image quality, dynamic and Zeiss optics provide Bokeh, stitched, the 3D effect pop and a neutral blue color that matches with my sensitivity.
Even if asked to do photojournalism, I continue to take portraits and my picture continues to move towards contemporary art and conceptual with an increased mastery of light.
My photographic journey continues.
I think to be a photographer, you have to give meaning to your photography. And the first meaning is to expose them to the public. This is why this site exists.
The images you will find here are not free of rights.


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